Could Expunging Your Record Affect Your Child Custody Battle?

Expunging your criminal record can have significant implications for various aspects of your life, including child custody battles. Understanding how this process might affect your custody case can help you make informed decisions.

Could Expunging Your Record Affect Your Child Custody Battle?

Expunging your record can influence your child custody case in several ways. This guide explains the following:

  • How expungement affects your legal standing
  • The impact on court perception
  • Benefits of expungement in custody battles
  • Potential challenges and considerations
  • How an attorney can assist

Here’s a closer look at each.

How Expungement Affects Your Legal Standing

Expungement legally removes certain criminal records from public view, meaning they are not accessible to most employers, landlords, and, importantly, family court judges. When a record is expunged, it is as if the crime never occurred, and you are not legally obligated to disclose it. This can improve your standing in a child custody battle, as it eliminates potential biases that might arise from a criminal record.

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The Impact on Court Perception

Family court judges consider the best interests of the child when making custody decisions. A clean record can positively influence the court’s perception of your character and ability to provide a stable environment for your child. Expunging your record can demonstrate that you have taken steps to rectify past mistakes and are committed to being a responsible parent. However, it’s important to note that judges may still have access to expunged records in some cases, and they might consider the underlying facts even if the record is sealed.

Benefits of Expungement in Custody Battles

Expunging your record can offer several benefits in a custody battle. Firstly, it can prevent the other parent from using your criminal history against you in court. A clean record can also strengthen your argument for a stable and safe home environment. Additionally, expungement can improve your employment prospects, which can be a factor in demonstrating financial stability and your ability to support your child.

Potential Challenges and Considerations

While expungement can be beneficial, there are challenges and considerations to keep in mind. The expungement process can be time-consuming and may not be completed before your custody hearing. Additionally, certain serious offenses might not be eligible for expungement, and family court judges may still consider the nature of the offense even if it’s expunged. Consulting with an Indiana expungement attorney can help you understand these challenges and navigate the process effectively.

How an Attorney Can Assist You With Expungement

An attorney can provide crucial assistance in the expungement process. They can help you determine if your record is eligible for expungement, guide you through the legal steps, and represent you in court. An experienced attorney can also help you present your expunged record in the best possible light during your custody case, emphasizing your commitment to positive change and responsible parenting. Consulting an Indiana expungement attorney can provide you with the guidance you need.

FAQ About Expunging Records and Child Custody

Check out these commonly asked questions about expunging records and their impact on child custody. If you don’t see your question here, please call our office and we’ll find you the answers you need.

Can Expunging My Record Help in a Child Custody Battle?

Yes, expunging your record can improve your standing in a child custody battle by eliminating potential biases and demonstrating your commitment to positive change.

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Will the Judge Know About My Expunged Record?

In some cases, family court judges may still have access to expunged records and might consider the underlying facts.

How Long Does the Expungement Process Take?

The expungement process can take several months, depending on the complexity of your case and the court’s schedule. It’s important to start the process as soon as possible.

What Types of Records Can Be Expunged?

Misdemeanors and certain felonies can be expunged under Indiana law, but severe offenses like sex crimes and violent crimes are generally not eligible.

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Expunging your record can significantly affect your child custody battle by improving your legal standing and court perception. Understanding the process and benefits of expungement can help you navigate both legal challenges more effectively. Consulting an experienced attorney will provide you with the necessary guidance to get the best possible outcome.

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