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It’s not always easy to get the state of Indiana to expunge or seal your criminal record. That is why it is essential that you have a team of experienced expungement lawyers Indiana to assist you. At XpungeIndy, we’ve helped people in situations just like yours, and we can help you too. We will do everything possible to help you through the process and ensure your record gets cleared.

Colleen LeFevour

Licensed in Indiana and Illinois

People deserve a second chance and the fact is, most people will do whatever it takes to get that chance. As your attorney, I will do everything I can to help you get that second chance, so you can have a fulfilling future, rather than be perpetually stuck in the system.

Matthew M. Fakhoury

Licensed in Illinois

You are more than the bad decision you made and the criminal record that is now on file. You are a person with rights. You are someone with a life and a family. And, you are someone that deserves to have a meaningful future. As your criminal defense attorney, it is my job to make sure that future is possible and I will do everything to make it happen through expungement or record sealing.

Caitlin Wilder

Licensed in Illinois

You don’t have to be haunted by your criminal past. We can get your record expunged or sealed, so you can move into the future. When we get your record expunged, you will be able to obtain that job, housing, the loan you need, or be accepted to an educational program. You will have the opportunity to shape your future. For an experienced and passionate expungement attorney, contact me today.

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Add Matt is a very great lawyer, and always made time to respond to emails and take calls. Very dedicated, and very happy with the service.

Very Dedicated and Great Lawyer


XpungeIndy | Expungement Lawyers Indiana

Mr. Fakhoury is very professional lawyer. Reasonable price, extremely helpful and easy to reach. Highly recommended.

XpungeIndy | Expungement Lawyers Indiana

Extremely Helpful

-Nadya Rako

SEAMLESS describes it all. Matt Fakhoury and his team could not have made it any easier for me to continue on a new path & and be able to be part of America’s workforce. I simply hired them and they did ALL THE WORK FOR ME! My kinda slice of pie.

XpungeIndy | Expungement Lawyers Indiana

His Team Could Not Have Made It Any Easier

Matt and his associates have a deep understanding of expungement law, and helped advise me on the specifics in the compiled statutes to so that I could petition the courts for sealing and expunging my entire adult record - the results were even better than initially expected, and because of them, I have a completely clean record and no more worry about my past impacting my future!

The Results Were Even Better Than Expected

XpungeIndy | Expungement Lawyers Indiana

Matt is a great attorney! I was on 2nd chance probation that was terminated. I thought I had to wait 3 years to seal this from my record. I met Matt and he explained to me that there is a law that if you get a degree or certification/ education during your probation, the court will allow you to seal the record earlier than 3 years. Sure enough, the judge just granted the seal because of Matt and his knowledge. Thank you Matt!

XpungeIndy | Expungement Lawyers Indiana

Thank You!!

I am an extremely happy client. Matt Fakhoury and his team changed my life. I was informed every step of the way. The process took about 10 months but it was all worth it. I was recently accepted to an academic program. Thanks to Matt Fakhoury my future is Extremely Bright! I recommend Matt to anyone needing help with expungement or sealing of criminal records.


XpungeIndy | Expungement Lawyers Indiana

I Recommend Matt To Anyone Needing Help

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