Does Having a Criminal Record Make it Harder to Rent an Apartment in Indianapolis

If you’re like many people, you’re wondering whether having a criminal record makes it harder for you to rent an apartment in Indianapolis. Although having a criminal record doesn’t always preclude you from renting, it can make things much more difficult on you. This guide explains.

The Impact of a Criminal Record on Apartment Renting

Having a criminal record can have an impact on your home search. That’s because landlords often run background checks as part of the rental application process. Typically, landlords do these checks to make sure that their property and other tenants are safe. You need to know that a criminal record may make some landlords hesitant to rent to you. However, having a record doesn’t automatically disqualify you from renting an apartment.

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Understanding the Rental Application Process

Understanding how rental applications work can help you prepare to apply when you have a criminal record. You need to know that most landlords require background checks and credit checks. In Indianapolis, landlords are not allowed to discriminate against people who are part of certain protected classes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tell you no because you have a criminal record. Criminal records are not a protected class in the state of Indiana.

Rights of Tenants with Criminal Records

Your landlord or prospective landlord has the right to run a background check on you. However, you need to know that if you have a criminal record, getting it expunged prior to applying for a new place to live may help improve your chances of the landlord choosing you.

Expungement: A Path Toward Easier Renting

Sometimes, having a record expunged is the best choice you can make. When your record is expunged, landlords are not allowed to hold it against you in making renting decisions. That means, essentially, that you have a clean criminal record.

FAQ About Renting an Apartment with a Criminal Record in Indianapolis

Here are some frequently asked questions about renting an apartment with a criminal record in Indianapolis. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for here, please call our office. We’re here to help.

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Can a Landlord Deny Me a Lease Because of My Criminal Record?

Landlords are allowed to take criminal history into account when making rental decisions. However, having a blanket policy that denies anyone with a criminal record could violate antidiscrimination laws. Landlords must consider the nature, severity and recency of criminal conduct on a case by case basis when making rental decisions. And if your record has been expunged, a prospective landlord cannot hold it against you.

What Does a Landlord Background Check Include?

Landlord background checks often include things like credit history, rental history and a criminal background check. However, this varies from landlord to landlord. What one landlord requires or wants to know may not be the same as what another one requires or wants to know.

Will All Landlords Check My Criminal Record?

Most landlords will check your criminal record as part of their standard operating procedures. Typically, landlords use criminal background checks and tenant screening. However, the specifics of the criminal background check will vary from landlord to landlord.

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How Does Expungement Work, and How Can It Help Me?

Criminal record expungement is a legal process that conceals your criminal records from public view. After a successful expungement, mostly landlords won’t even be able to see that you had a criminal history when they run a background check. An expungement may improve your chances of securing a lease, and although there are no guarantees, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney about your situation before you begin looking for a new home.

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