Working for the State Government of Indiana With a Criminal Record

States typically conduct background checks on potential employees, especially for jobs that are tied to public safety or trust. These background checks can reveal past convictions, and they can potentially impact a hiring manager’s decision. However, you need to know that a criminal record isn’t always an automatic disqualifier.

The Power of Expungement

Expunging your criminal record can open doors for you. Essentially, it seals your criminal record from most background checks. That means many employers won’t ever know it exists. Although expunging your criminal record isn’t a magic bullet, it’s a significant step in reclaiming your professional life.

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How to Approach Your Job Search With a Criminal Record

If you have a criminal record, honesty is the best policy when you’re applying for jobs. It’s better to be able to explain your past than to have a potential employer find out about it through a background check. However, you may want to take proactive steps by getting your record expunged before you begin a new job search. Although expunging your record takes time, you may find that it’s worth it in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions About State Government Jobs and Criminal Records

Check out these frequently asked questions about state government jobs and criminal records. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, please give us a call. We’ll find you the answers you need.

Will a State Background Check Always Reveal My Criminal Record?

State background checks are likely to reveal your criminal history unless your criminal history has been expunged. Usually, state background checks are very comprehensive, and they can unearth convictions or arrest in your past. Expungement may make your record and accessible, so it’s important that you talk to an attorney about the benefits of expungement if you intend to apply for a job with the state of Indiana.

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Can I Apply for State Jobs After Expunging My Record?

You can apply for state jobs before or after expunging your record. However, expunging your record may impact your chances of being hired. Because the expungement process basically seals your criminal record from most background checks, it may help you. However, you do need to know that it is still possible for you to get a state job even if you have a criminal record.

Can All Crimes Be Expunged?

Not all offenses can be expunged. The possibility of expungement depends on the nature of the crime and the specific laws that apply to it. Generally, violent crimes cannot be expunged, so it’s best to speak with an attorney to determine whether your record is eligible for clearing.

Do All State Jobs Require Background Checks?

Many state government jobs require background checks. However, the extent of the check a particular job requires will vary based on the job’s position and its responsibilities. Often, positions that require a person to work with vulnerable populations, such as children or the elderly, require more extensive background checks. Similarly, jobs involving law enforcement or those that require a person to handle sensitive information also typically involve comprehensive background checks. But remember, every job is different, and not every state job requires an in-depth scrutiny of your past.

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Is it Possible to Get Hired With a Criminal Record?

It is definitely possible to get hired when you have a criminal record. Although a past conviction may pose some challenges, it doesn’t automatically disqualify you from all state employment.

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